Radical Landscapes


British Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Communities in Art | Tate

In this short film, Turner prize nominated artist, Delaine Le Bas, writer Damian Le Bas and activist Lois Brookes-Jones respond to artworks in Tate’s collection that represent members of British Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities. The group discuss the ways in which artists and photographers have approached the subject, whether through the anonymous landscape paintings of JMW Turner or the more sensitive portraits of Laura Knight and Chris Killip.

Delaine Le Bas also takes us into the heart of the West Sussex countryside, which inspired her new performance and installation Rinkeni Pani 2022. The title of the work is English Romani for ‘beautiful water’ and refers to both her great grandmother - who urged Le Bas never to waste precious water – as well as the increasing lack of access to water experienced by populations in the face of climate emergency.

Producer: Scott Morris at Tate
Director: Charles Newland

Tags: Tate Tate Modern Tate Britain Tate Liverpool Art Contemporary Art British Art Gypsy Roma Traveller