BIRDY | She's always watching


With the arrival of spring, Birdy is out in her garden doing what she loves most: bird-watching.

Year after year she looks out for them and year after year they come back, Ginnie, Pete, and little Jack (Sparrow). But what happens when she gets too close, and passion turns into obsession?

Cast: Susannah Scott

Directed by Cristina Ballesteros
Written by Cristina Ballesteros & Liam Aldridge

Executive Producer: Deborah Charles
Producer: Rebecca Groves
Production Coordinator: Rika Kulsavat
Production Runners: Sarah Khan, Libby Cadman

Director of Photography: Candida Richardson
Camera Assistant: Shizuka Hata
Gaffer: Oliver Schofield

Art Director & Stylist: Anna Kezia Williams
Ornithologist & illustrator: Omar Custodio
Motion graphic designer: Sandra Ginjol

Editor: Alex Cid (Baker's Cult studio)
Colour Grader: Albano Bermejo
Sound Recordist: Adam Chestnutt
Music composer: Michael Palmer

Processed & scanned by Cinelab (London)

Shot on Super16mm and SL16 Bolex.

United Kingdom, 2021